When after the long gray and cold winter days, the first flower buds sprout from the ground, the trees shine in their colorful leaves and the gentle, fragrant breeze blows past our noses, then we know that spring has awakened. And spring is accompanied by the ever-popular Easter season.

The 5th Season - Carnival in Germany

Germany has many traditions and customs, but none is as colourful and cheerful as the Carnival. However, Carnival is not celebrated in all regions and cities of Germany. It almost seems as if the hustle and bustle and the associated costumes split the nation into two camps. While some avoid everything and everyone around the topic, the others plan their costumes months in advance and prepare right down to the detail for the Carnival, and to become part of the greater whole and to celebrate.

Ski holiday in Germany

The Ski holiday in the winter months is one of the most important and popular holiday types of the Germans. Although it is a bit expensive, but who once ventured into the adventure of winter sports, will not want to miss it anymore. Endless descents through sparkling snowy landscapes, icy cold that freeze the nose hairs while breathing, in white suited trees and mountain peaks and, yes, that is unfortunately part of skiing, burning pain in the muscles and joints.

Christmas traditions in Germany

Christmas is just around the corner. While some can't wait to stand in front of the glowing Christmas tree, to smell the Christmas dinner, to look into the joyful eyes of the loved ones and of course to unpack the beautifully wraped gifts, for others begins a time of stress, suffering and discomfort. But that is the price for those, who want the upcoming holidays to be well prepared and organized. And who does not know it? the time is running out and not all the necessary errands are done.

The magic of the Christmas markets

When in November the days get shorter and colder and the winter holidays come closer, in Germany the Christmas markets open up. In some cities they are also called “Advents“-, „Lichter“-, „Winter“- or „Christkindlemarkt“. But they all have one thing in common - with their lined up wooden huts, brightly glittering lights, huge Christmas trees and the delicious smell of gingerbread, roasted almonds and freshly brewed mulled wine, they all tune people to the approaching Christmas season.

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